August 2005 Toy Show Updates II

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 08.21.05 11:22pm EST


More show insanity ...

If you don't have enough Scopedog toys on your shelf, wait for Takara's Microaction Scopedog. The 1:18 scale Armored Trooper is sized to fit Microaction Chirico, and features the expected ubiquities -- down doggie mode, spring loaded punch, opening and rotating visor, turning glide wheels, and working turnpicks.

In the Soul of Chogokin world, final product was exhibited of Black Ox and "La Sirene de Noir" Minerva X. The new Minerva is a Magazine Z limited exclusive, and orders have to be in by the 25th of October.

Also spotted were Lord of Byston Well Virunvee and the Max Gokin Godannar.