Mugenbine Power Up!

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 02.18.05 12:57pm EST


Lots more Mugenbine on the way in 2005. The latest entries to the alphabetical line, Over Leon and Powered Elephant transition to the new Turboroid format, and feature drill tank and crane truck modes. They're both ¥1,500, shipping in May and June respectively. Only QRSTUWY left to complete the alphabet!

Mugenbase Mugen Builder makes his photo debut, with the standard Mugenbase multi-mode format. Collect all three Mugenbases to form an as-yet unnamed 3-way gattai robo. Mugen Builder is ¥2,500, shipping in April.

Finally, Air Leon, Evo Rhinoce, and Galaxy Rex are upgraded to Assault Leon, Energy Rhinoce, and Great Rex with body recolors and extra weapons parts. They're each ¥1,500, available in April.