Nexus News

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 07.15.04 5:58am EST


Ultraman Nexus is upon us. He evolves through at least two stages, the first being Enfance. His second form, Jeunesse (c'est fran├žais!), will arrive in Chogokin form (GD-75) in December for ¥4,179.

There are also new gimmicky vehicles, of course. UNM1 Chrome Chester Alpha features swappable parts. ¥1,890, September. UNM2 Chrome Chester Beta features a ... uh ... "storage mode". ¥1,890, September. UNM3 Chrome Chester Gamma features a drill tank mode. ¥2,730, September. Do the Chrome Chesters combine in some way?

Lastly, UNM4 Stone Fluegel switches between "vehicle mode" and "flying mode" and features a rotating crystal. Interesting. ¥2,520, November.

There's also the eight inch tall Fortress Freedom with features lots of mini mecha, a rotating drum, and lots of launching bays for those mecha. ¥7,560, October.