Soul of Updates

by Erik Ando-yeap : Radar, Radar! : 04.22.04 3:23pm EST


A few updates on upcoming Soul of Chogokin releases:

SOC Zambot 3 will include the hitherto unannounced "Ion Cannon" accessory -- a giant, phallic "final weapon" never before seen in toy form. The standard SOC base will not accompany Zambot. Instead, all its spare parts will combine into a baroque, makeshift vehicle-thing-- which is highly reminiscent of the 'non-canonical' transformations of some of Takatoku's Z-Character toys of yesteryear.

SOC Tetsujin 28 will feature an electronic light-up gimmick, a first for the Soul of Chogokin line. Unconfirmed reports indicate that the lights will be activated through an included miniature of T-28's remote control console.

Source: Dengeki Hobby