by Erik Ando-yeap : Radar, Radar! : 04.22.04 12:42pm EST


Unpredictable as ever, Bandai displays a prototype of Soul of Chogokin Tetsujin 28 at the start of Chogokin Expo 2004. Unlike recent pot-bellied diecast toys by Marmit and Soft Garage, this T28 is based on the new design from the 2004 TV series. Which means it's nigh identical to the original 1963 animation design save for slight changes in physical proportions. But the afficionado understands. And cares deeply.

Cynical Japanese fans decry that this announcement is a sentimental move on Bandai's part and coldly demand the release of SOC Xabungle.

Also announced at the Expo: Chogokin Damashii Kikaku, a Media Works book covering the design and production of SOC's. The book is due 5/27.