Kamen Rider Choo-Choo

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 12.12.06 3:34pm EST


2007's Kamen Rider Den-O has a train theme, and in the vein of Kamen Rider Hibiki's Disk Animals, Den-O will have a series of transforming (to a greater or lesser extent) weapons trains from their Denliner Series. Cars 1~4 are part of the two foot long DX Denliner Gouka. The toy features lots of gimmicks, including (car 1) lights and sounds, a pop up gun emplacement, and a launcher for Den-O's bike; (car 2) a giant missile launcher in the shape of Chester Cheetah's head; (car 3) a giant monkey themed bomb launcher, and (car 4) an aerial drone launcher. ¥6,300, March.

Car 5 is the Denliner Isurugi, with components that turn into a sea turtle. ¥2,300, March. Car 6 is the Denliner Kouki, which turns into a horned beetle. ¥2,300, April. Cars 7 and 8 are the Denliner Ikazuchi, which turns into a dragon, sorta. ¥3,500, April.

They can all link together to form a massive, mega, masked train, with all gimmicks functioning intact, sequentially down the line with one activation.

If you're curious about the theme, look up the legend of Momotaro (aka Peach Boy). Den-O's helmet looks a little peachy after all. On Momotaro's adventure, he encounters a dog (2nd car), a monkey (3rd car), and a pheasant (4th car). How they can meld together Ryuuki, Galaxy Express 999, and Momotaro into a new Kamen Rider theme is an exercise for the reader.