Omega Boost


An interesting title that was released towards the end of the PlayStation's life. Interesting in the way it allowed the player to fly the Omega Boost mecha in any direction within a three dimensional space. It came very close to capturing the vibrancy of anime mecha dogfighting in game form.

It's also worth noting, apart from the peerless Kawamori Shoji mecha design, that the game was developed by Polyphony Digital (the company behind the Gran Turismo games).

Characters from Omega Boost

Name Designer Genus

Beta Boost Kawamori Shoji Mecha

Omega Boost Kawamori Shoji Mecha
2 characters

Toys from Omega Boost

Name Manufacturer Toy Line Release Date
Beta Boost Blue Box Toys -- 2000
Omega Boost Blue Box Toys -- 2000
2 toys