Armored Core Ninebreaker


A wholly different type of Armored Core game, Ninebreaker was entirely based around training exercises that improved player skill and customisation prowess.

The name "Ninebreaker" originates from Armored Core 2 and was a term that referred to a pilot of incredible skill. More specifically, it was a reference to the mechanical nemesis that is Nineball. It was also an apt title because Ninebreaker was the ninth game in the series.

Characters from Armored Core Ninebreaker

Name Designer Genus
Nineball Kawamori Shoji Mecha
1 characters

Toys from Armored Core Ninebreaker

Name Manufacturer Toy Line Release Date
Armored Core One Coin Figure Series (Box 2) Kotobukiya One Coin Figure 06.2004
1 toys