Virtual On Oratorio Tangram


The sequel to the 1995 Model 2 arcade game, now using Model 3 architecture. There were also three arcade iterations; MSBS 5.2, MSBS 5.4 and MSBS 5.66. The latter ran on Naomi hardware and featured several new Virtuaroids from the sidestory One Man Rescue, it also featured compatability with the Dreamcast VMU.

A Dreamcast port was also released (MSBS 5.45) again with a bespoke twinstick peripheral.

Toys from Virtual On Oratorio Tangram

Name Manufacturer Toy Line Release Date
RVR-14 Fei Yen Kn (The Tiger) Kaiyodo -- --
RVR-33 Apharmd S (D.N.A. Side) Kaiyodo -- --

RVR-14 Fei Yen Kn (D.N.A. Side) Kaiyodo -- --
MBV-707-G Temjin (Winter White) Kaiyodo -- --
RVR-42 Cypher (D.N.A. Side) Kaiyodo -- --
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