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Transformers G1

Toys from the Transformers G1 line

Name Model No. Release Date

Seaspray C-64 C-064 1986

Bolett -- 1988

Phoenix C-202 C-202 1988

Galvatron Watchtron W-03 1986

Zetoca -- 1988
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Articles on Transformers G1

article author column date posted
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Convoy from the Stars Darren Pierce Radar, Radar! 06.10.05 11:58am EST

2004 In Review Darren Pierce Densha Blues 01.01.05 4:11am EST
A Pride of Gokin 2.0 Edward Armstrong Widespread Panic 06.04.06 6:19pm EST

January 2005 Shipping Schedule Darren Pierce Radar, Radar! 01.05.05 10:08pm EST
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