And More Brave Gokin

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 12.01.06 1:38am EST


Following on GoShogun, Brave Gokin Ingram from Patlabor also arrives in the Spring. Movie version AV-98 can convert between Ingram 1 and Ingram 2 (a head swap), and is equipped with LED shoulder patrol lights, lower leg gun holster, face guard, opening cockpit, actuator cylinders, and is 80% metal. The seven inch toy features a maintenance bay stand, stun stick, revolver cannon, riot gun, and extra fists. ¥13,440 in February.

In-scale accessories are planned for March such as the Type 98 armored command car and other labor action figures, such as the Tyrant 2000.

Also in March, look for the Miyazawa exclusive version. This one converts between TV versions Ingram 1 and Ingram 3, and is limited to 2,000.