Keybots Renewed for 2007

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 11.24.06 6:45pm EST


Keybots launches new product for 2007! In December (of this year), look for Brave Zeek and AlexBots. Alex can ride Zeek using the Brave Ride System. Also in December is Ankylon, the first of a new series of SmallBots that can serve as armor for larger Keybots toys and a weapon using a new 3-stage Lock Blast gimmick.

In January, Dark Dragon Castle and MateusBots introduces the new "bad guy" motif of transforming castles. Dark Dragon transforms from castle mode when Lock Break is performed.

Following Mugenbine's success with candy toys, Gattai AnimaBattras appears next month, featuring five SmallBots that can be used to power-up "regular" Keybots toys or can be combined together to form AnimaBattras.

Toys R Us closes out the 2006 line with an exclusive DX Banning Baan & GranRex set, featuring an original color (red) GranRex. The set is out now.