Two More Ryukendo Mecha

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 02.12.06 11:22pm EST


Two more Ryukendo Action Hero toys coming in the second quarter. The show's new warrior Ryujinoh picks up Madan Delta Shadow, a crow mecha that transforms into Shadow Bike (motorcycle) mode and Shadow Wing (airborne) mode. Comes with a Ryujinoh LED-enabled mini fig. April, ¥3,675.

Ryukendo's third upgrade, Thunder Ryukendo, picks up Madan Thunder Eagle, an eagle mecha that transforms into the airborne Thunder Wing mode. Of course, he comes an LED-enabled Thunder Ryukendo mini fig. May, ¥2,415.

As for RA-07 Magna Wolf, he's associated with Ryuganoh's first upgrade, but details are unknown.