Mugenbine Beyond the Alphabet

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 02.11.06 8:29pm EST


Machine Robo Mugenbine moves beyond the alphabet into Japanese kana, starting with the vowels. In March, it's Arc Tiger and Impact Dile, retailing for ¥2,100 and ¥1,575 respectively.

Impact Dile features an animal mode (it's a crocodile) and a large combined robot mode.

Arc Tiger replaces the Mugenroid for the new Tornado Engine, and launches the new Mugen Engine series. The Tornado Engine allows parts plugged into its sockets to rotate in unision for twistie fun. Arc Tiger features patrol car, tiger, and combined robot modes.

Impact Dile is intended to be a shelf-mate with Arc Tiger, encouraging buyers to combine sets and do creative things with the Tornado Engine. Buying both toys gets you a nifty little drill-tank mode.