Kamen Rider Kabuto

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 12.10.05 6:25pm EST


Some catalog images of the 2006 edition to the Kamen Rider franchise, "Kabuto". Oh happy day, we're back to bugs on motorcycles. Kabuto's motif is the helmeted beetle, and a recurring theme throughout the show is that of molting of armor. With the cry "Cast Off", Kabuto changes from the highly armored "Masked Form" to the leaner, meaner "Rider Form". Kabuto is joined by Zabii (bee theme), with a similar Cast Off transformation.

Kabuto's motorcycle, the "Kabuto Extender", also has a Cast Off upgrade, reflected in the DX toy's gimmicks with the nose fairing shedding away, the front tire splitting, and a four inch beetle horn snapping forward. Zabii's motorcycle, the "Machine Zectron", is also represented with a DX toy including mini bee mecha missile and moveable fangs.