Gamera Turns 40

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 12.05.05 6:12pm EST


Gamera turned 40 back on the 27th, and Japan responds in the only fitting way: media and merchandise. "Small Heroes: Gamera" appears on the big screen on April 29th.

There's also a snap of Bandai's six inch (standing) Chogokin Gamera, appearing in March for ¥5,500. Takara is offering two costumed Microman Gameras on January 20th. They're only ¥1,500 each, and they come with stands. The Heisei period version has the radial shell pattern on the belly, and the Showa period version has the gridline shell pattern. (Stuffing the Micromen into the soft vinyl costumes is a pain, but it's a cool concept.)