Capsule Corp Would Be Proud

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 04.01.05 3:12am EST


Following up on the success of SOC Combattler, and the success of the Capsule Gattai gashapon line, Bandai plans a Capsule Gattai Combattler V for July. The fully transforming / combining set includes Twin Lancer weapons, Atomic Burner fist replacements, and Chodenji Yo-yos. It also transforms into Grand Dasher mode. The final combination is six and a half inches tall, and assortments will also include "Clear Black" and "Metal Color" versions of the toy.

Also, genre fans should note a Capsule Gattai version of Wolkaiser that's 100% "gimmick compatible" with C.G. Magiking will be out in July as well.