Dropping in May

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 03.25.05 1:43pm EST


Aoshima's Shin Seiki Gokin Aliens Dropship arrives in May. The toy features retracting wings with armament, landing gear, and payload door. It's 100% compatible with the Shin Seiki Gokin APC, sold seperately. The #1 version of the dropship, the "normal" version, is styled after the movie's original dropship that was destroyed early in the story. The #2, or "limited" version represents the backup dropship that was flown in via remote. The limited model features an alien queen figure. Price is ¥13,440.

The APC also arrives in May for ¥3,990. It features moveable and stowable turrets. The normal version comes with a Marine, the limited version comes with an alien warrior.