Keybots' Guardia

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 02.25.05 7:20am EST


Keybots insanity continues. If you've been following our coverage of this line, you'll remember the still-unnamed "steel monsters" A & B are a pair of Core Monsters, each with two modes, that combine with Zeekrad to give him his ultimate form. Coming in June are two more Core Monsters of this genre, Cougar and Rex, also bi-modal, that are meant to be combined with Dragoo as power-ups.

And then there's the mysterious Guardia. The external pieces of Guardia were hidden within the boxes of Zeekrad, Dragoo, Wingo, and Rizagator. Barely documented, you must buy all four original Core Monsters to get Guardia's parts, and then send away for his locking core module. On the schedule for April is a new version of the Guardia Core Monster, in an upgraded blue and white form -- must easier to acquire than the original.

There is word that GigaDragon's delay is due to a media tie-in designed to promote the toys -- GigaDragon is now expected to ship in early March.