Godann Unbelievable

by Erik Ando-yeap : Radar, Radar! : 01.13.05 4:56pm EST


It seemed a little disconcerting when Studio Half Eye began dropping hints about their Perfect Change Godannar toy/display piece/object of OCD last year. The simple robot-within-a-robot transformation (think Gardian or a Transformers Pretender) seemed too meager a technical feat for the boutique company. There would be a catch: in the animation, the fusion "Twin Drive Mode" Godannar featured slightly different body details (easy enough), but a completely different color scheme.

Would SHE resort to the temperature-changing color plastics of yesteryear? Of course not, for the SHE designers are beautifully certifiable. The final pre-production photos reveal the intricate mosiac of flip-out panels that facilitate the improbable transformation. All within a mere 7" carapace. The mind boggles. Godannar is due in March or April, limited to 200 pieces, and at a price just shy of a 17" LCD TV.