by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 12.09.04 6:47pm EST


File this in the "rumor" department for now. There's tenative word on the first two Magiranger robots. Mashin Gattai ("devil combination") Magiking is composed of Magi-Phoenix, Magi-Garuda, Magi-Mermaid, Magi-Taurus, and ... Magi-Fairy. The team combines in two ways: Magiking, the giant robot, and Magidragon. Magidragon is primarily composed of the four lessor components assembed in dragon formation, with Magi-Phoenix optionally riding on top. February, ¥7,245.

Mashin Gattai Urkaiser, possibly referring to the Chinese ancient sage emporers, is formed from Urzard (humanoid type) and Valkyrion (horse type). They combine in several ways ... man on horse, centaur, super robot, etc. March, ¥5,985.

It looks like Magi-Phoenix and Urzard might be cross-replaceable core components in the big robot configurations.