Soul of Sneakiness

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 01.21.05 7:50am EST


The sneaky people at Dengeki, the flame bearers of gokin hysteria and toy hype, have given us hints for the next 3 Soul of Chogokin toys. Let your mind wander over the following tidbits and clues ...

  • From the 80's
  • From Wheeled to Flying Mecha
  • Less than 100m Tall
  • Due in April Issue

  • Powerful Enemy - Mass Produced
  • To a Strong Ally at Many Times
  • Young Boy
  • Due in May Issue

  • Combining
  • Sibling Story
  • Ninja Descendant
  • Due in June Issue

It's pretty obvious #2 is Black Ox or Karolia and #3 Voltes. Choices for #1? Xabungle? Tryder? Srungle? Orguss? Bryger? RJ-tan?

Meanwhile, Erik opines "#2 is probably just the easy, predictable Karolia repaint Tetsujin 28. And #3 should be Tobikage, if I had my way."

Ed counters with "All three will be Mazinger Z."

Official announcements will come in Dengeki in 1 month intervals, starting with the next issue. Bahala na.