Amdriver's Almost Wrapped

by Darren Pierce : Radar, Radar! : 10.24.04 4:00pm EST


Special "EX" versions of popular Amdrivers are on their way, featuring helmetless heads. Jenus and Sera will be out November 25 for ¥3,129 each. There are also EX Special Bisar sets, featuring EX type Amdrivers with special Bisar repaints. Ragna/Moto Bisar ships November 25 for ¥3,675 and Nyrguise/Bug Blame (formerly Bug Module) ships November 18 for ¥3,150.

There is also a TRU exclusive EX Special Bisar Set featuring a recolored Neo Cross Bisar, black versions of Neo Jenus and Neo Ragna, and recolors of Extra Weapons Sets 4 & 5 for ¥11,340 targeted for November 11th.