Tokusatsu Invades WCC18

by Rick Alvarado : Radar, Radar! : 06.06.04 7:27pm EST


There was no shortage of tokusatsu goods shown at this year's World Character Convention with lines such as Sofubi Damashii, Souchaku Kamen Riders, Popynica Super Machines, and Ultra Gokin being represented. Some pictures for your viewing pleasure...

From Sofubi Damashii: Kikaider, Hakaider, Inazuman, and a prototype of Akaranger from Goranger.

From the Souchaku line: Kamen Rider Ryuuki, Kamen Rider Scissors (Ryuuki), Kamen Rider 555, Kamen Rider Kaixa (555), Kamen Rider Blade, and Kamen Rider Garren (Blade).

From the Popynica Super Machines: Cyclone, Hurricane, and Riderman Machine.

From Ultra Gokin: GD-67 Ultraman Jack from Return of Ultraman